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Faysal Qureshi spills on co-stars | The Express Tribune

During an appearance on Nida Yasir, Danish Nawaz and Yasir Nawaz’s show Nadan Maizban, Faysal Quraishi revealed which actors he would love sharing the screen with again. When asked who he believes he has the most on-screen chemistry with, the Bashar Momin actor was quick to reply, “I always enjoy working with Naumaan Ijaz.” He also revealed, “I get intimidated acting opposite Naumaan.”

Talking about female co-stars, Faysal said, “I enjoyed working with Zara Noor Abbas, I only did two scenes with her because she ended up not doing that drama.” He added, “Madiha Imam joined the team, but I saw Zara’s acting and she was amazing. Madiha is also very good.”

The star also mentioned other talented actors he’s worked with. “I worked with Ushna Shah in Bashar Momin and Bheegi Palkain and she was brilliant. Iqra Aziz is phenomenal. Sajal is excellent. Faryal Mehmood is also very good,” he said. 

During the same interview, Faysal also commented on the fact that he enjoys comedies more than other genres. “Coincidentally, all three of my ongoing dramas have me playing a negative character. For me, if I play too much of the same thing, I stop enjoying it. I think comedy feels like a paid vacation. The more serious characters can be draining,” he revealed.

The Zulm actor also gave an insight into how he keeps his personal and acting life separate, especially after coming home from playing heavy characters. “By the time I go home, I’ve already forgotten the day’s dialogues and I don’t know the next day’s either. If we need to reshoot scenes, the set assistants try to tell me that we just shot the same scene yesterday, but I don’t remember, I still ask to read the script,” Faysal said.

While discussing his vast catalogue, the Dil-e-Momin actor disclosed he has played more than a hundred characters throughout his career. His most prominent roles are in Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Bashar Momin and Fitoor. He is currently being commended for his most recent performance as the morally grey and complex, Chinar Khan in the drama, Khaie.

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