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What Is Microsleep? Expert’s Inputs On Your Sleep Patterns


Microsleep is a short burst of sleep lasting just a few seconds. A person cannot control microsleep episodes and some people may even appear to be awake. During this dangerous sleep episodes are a major factor for vehicle accidents and other errors. They occur as the body’s response to sleep deprivation. when a person is tired, the body reduces alertness and this can lead to, microsleep as shared by Dr. Vikas Doshi, Consultant Physician, Bhailal Amin General Hospital.

Microsleep can happen anytime, including while engaging in demanding activities such as driving. No single medical condition causes all episodes of microsleep but any medical condition that affects sleep can cause microsleep. Some of the risk factors for microsleep include working night shifts, having shiftwork sleep disorder, having sleep apnoea, having severe insomnia, and using drugs that affect sleep, people with narcolepsy, which is a medical condition that disturbs the brain sleep-wake cycle may also experience microsleep episodes. 

People experiencing microsleep episodes may not notice any obvious symptoms or notice a sudden lapse in attention, suddenly, not remembering what they were doing, confusion during complex tasks such as driving, feeling zoned out, or forgetting the last few moments. The risks of getting Micro sleep is vehicle accidents, errors at work, confusion during the day,  relationship issues, and harming children if they fall asleep while caring for them, Micro sleep requires a person to address the cause of their fatigue. 

This might mean changing to a more consistent work shift. Getting more sleep at night or seeking treatment for sleep Apnea. Some potential treatment options include insomnia treatment. This may include undergoing therapy to help a person manage nighttime, anxiety, making changes in sleep habits such as going to bed at the same time, each night in some cases, taking medications to help a person fall asleep, jobs that require a person to go very long periods without sleep may need to change their policies to keep employees safe. 

A person should contact a doctor if they think that they experience microsleep episodes or if they have any medical condition that might increase the risk of microsleep, you can contact a doctor for intense daytime, sleepiness frequent nighttime, waking consistently not sleeping, not getting enough sleep. Getting sleep only in short bursts, problems with attention, or confusion during the day. Suddenly feeling confused during conversation and other daily activities. Getting enough good quality, sleep is essential for a person, physical, and mental health, sleep hygiene practices and home remedies can help people sleep better.


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