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Amazing plane landing in Australia drops jaws

A malfunctioning in a Beach B-200 Super King plane was reported at Newcastle Airport in Australia’s New South Wales, which compelled the pilot to land the aircraft without landing gear, a video on social media showed.

The plane was burning fuel while circling around the airport in New South Wales before the pilot commenced a wheels-up emergency landing, a Nine News report suggested Monday.

The video also went viral on social media in which the plane can be seen approaching the runway without its landing gear appearing. It gradually descended and touched down, skidding along the tarmac until it stopped.

The pilot and the passenger were unhurt during the landing as the emergency officials were on standby racing to the aid.

Superintendent Wayne Humphrey from NSW police praised the 53-year-old pilot for executing a successful landing. He said that nobody was injured and the passengers had even been able to drive home, the outlet reported.

Humphrey was also quoted as saying: “It was a great result, really well done by the pilot. I could hear him in the air, he sounded very calm to me.”

“Those guiding the plane down in the control room burst into applause after its safe landing,” Humphrey said.

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