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WATCH: Kamala Harris drops f-bomb while giving advice to young people

US vice president’s tongue slips as she talks to young people about her South Asian heritage

Kamala Harris too informal during appearance at AANHPI event. — X/@TheRickyDavila

United States Vice President Kamala Harris got too comfortable while speaking to young Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) people on Monday, The Hill reported.

While attending the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership summit, Harris, 59, dropped an f-bomb while giving advice to the young attendees.

The expletive came during her response to being asked about her experience as the first Black American and South Asian American vice president of the US and how her heritage has informed her views and role as a leader.

Harris said: “Here’s the thing about breaking barriers. Breaking barriers does not mean you start on one side of the barrier and you end up on the other side. 

“There’s breaking involved, and when you break things you get cut. And you may bleed. And it is worth it every time.”

She added: “We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t, and then you need to kick that f‑‑‑ing door down,” Harris said. “Excuse my language.”

The audience followed her comment with applause while actor and comedian Jimmy O Yang, who was moderating the conversation with the vice president, said: “We gotta make T-shirts with that saying.”

The vice president’s appearance at the leadership summit comes as the Biden administration celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month. 

President Joe Biden and Harris will also deliver remarks at a White House reception honouring the month Tuesday evening.

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