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Prince Harry bond with King ‘badly damaged’ after ‘sad’ UK trip

Prince Harry and King Charles cancelled meeting is seemingly raising eyebrows.

The Duke and Sussex, who was denied meeting hai father last week during a trip to the UK, left the country without seeing the ailing monarch.

Speaking about the misfortune, royal expert Grant Harrold speaks for Slingo: “I don’t know why they didn’t meet. To me, it seemed odd because obviously you would have thought that when a family member is in a country, you would make sure you’ve made a point of going to make appointments with them. The fact the King said he was extremely busy and yes, he was, he had a garden party in the afternoon, and it’s possible that maybe his calendar was very full.”

He added: “Sadly, I think it’s a sign of how much things have deteriorated and shows you the relationship between them has obviously decreased further, and again, the same with Prince William. Even now I’m beginning to think maybe there will not be a return point from this because the relationship has been so badly damaged.

“But as with all things, time can heal. It’s possible one day the relationship – in some shape or form – could be back on the cards but right now I don’t think that’s an option,” the expert noted.

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