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Lance Barber reveals THIS ‘Young Sheldon’ scene set his character’s tone

The recent episode of ‘Young Sheldon’ saw the death scene of Lance Barber’s character George Cooper

Lance Barber reveals THIS ‘Young Sheldon’ scene set his character’s tone

Young Sheldon star Lance Barber revealed why they had to tweak his role which was portrayed negatively in parent show Big Bang Theory.

The character of George Cooper was already dead when the original sitcom aired. Moreover, there are instances when Sheldon Cooper and his mother Mary talk badly about him as if he were a bad father and husband.

However, the Chuck Lorre production spun things as Lance shared that there were active efforts to “change his character” and make him “more human.”

In an interview with TV Line, Lance said, “It was clear that he was a bit of a cartoon. George was the punchline. And so, there lay the challenge of grounding this person and making them a human being as opposed to a punchline.”

Lance also recalled a specific scene that changed everything when producer Chuck Lorre offered some notes.

“Getting some terrific notes during the brisket scene with Meemaw. And Meemaw won’t share her brisket recipe with George. And the script calls for George to get angry about it,” he shared.

Lance added, “I got the notes from Chuck that this… he pulled me aside and said, ‘You’re a big guy and are intimidating and that’s not who this guy is. You need to be hurt, not just angry, right? And that really set the tone for me. Getting that note from Chuck really helped me establish where we were going from there.”

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