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Alicia Keys reveals how she ‘feels seen’ with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Alicia Keys’ semi-autobiographical Broadway musical ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ debuted in October 2023

Alicia Keys reveals how she ‘feels seen’ with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Alicia Keys just revealed howe much she learned as she looks back at her life story in her Broadway special, Hell’s Kitchen.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the Grammy winning star’s childhood stories of being brought up in New York City inspired the aforementioned Broadway musical.

Hell’s Kitchen included Keys’ hits such as No One, Fallin’, If I Ain’t Got You and Empire State of Mind.

“This is all of our stories,” she told the outlet at the Tony Awards Meet the Nominees press junket earlier this month.

She continued, “That’s what I’ve learned creating and watching Hell’s Kitchen; that there’s so much that connects us all. Even though we have different versions, we all go through things that are quite similar. Ultimately, we’re just all trying to find where we belong and who we actually are.”

“That’s what I get from it; I get this ability to understand each other and to find our way. And it’s cathartic. You’re laughing, you’re singing, you’re crying — you’re a mess in this show. But you feel seen. And I think it’s really, really beautiful,” Alicia Keys concluded.

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