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Neom offers over 250 unique job opportunities for its futuristic concept

Neom on lookout for 262 job vacancies. The roles show just how futuristic the megacity could be

Neom has opening for over 260 jobs but they’re not your average jobs. — Neom

If you’re looking for jobs at Neom then you’re in luck because the megaproject is offering over 260 job opportunities.

These include common roles as well as more futuristic and unusual positions that show just how futuristic the city is, according to a Business Insider report.

So what are the job vacancies that live up to Neom’s concept as a cognitive city?

Tech services and system manager

This isn’t your standard tech job, but it’s an opening for a managerial position at the Neom Community School.

The school is searching for Arabic and Islamic teachers, music teachers, and an “individuals and societies teacher” for the city’s wide-ranging education system.

Additionally, the search is on for someone to fill the “head of student attraction role” to ensure that Neom is considered “the most attractive place to live and work” and prepare the “brightest young minds” for careers within the futuristic city.

Director of personalised health

Neom’s ‘The Line’ plans to prioritise citizens’ health over transportation and infrastructure.

To achieve this, Neom needs a personalised health director who will help “integrate genetics into personalised healthcare”, using genetic data to pinpoint health risks and develop interventions.

Water mobility station professional

The project seeks a professional for its water mobility station management, to oversee boat services.

The candidate should be fluent in Arabic and English languages and be prepared to handle autonomous, futuristic vessels.

Advanced, zero-emission transport systems are core to Neom’s strategy and the project’s waterside estates, Oxagon and Sindalah, are planned to be equally futuristic.

Aquaculture fish laboratory and biosecurity professional

This professional will maintain high standards of fish welfare and support surveillance and investigation activities into fish health and disease control.

The role aligns with Neom’s sustainability goals and aims to promote a thriving fish population to support diving tourism.

Developers said they want the island resort Sindalah to act as an “exclusive gateway to the stunning Red Sea”.

Lead rewilding

This professional will help with Neom’s “trophic rewilding strategy”.

They will also help build wildlife corridors, monitor species and conduct vegetation assessments in order to “address historical degradation that left the land in a desolated state”.

The lead rewilding hire will develop and implement a cheetah introduction and management plan.

Candidates with a degree in conservation, ecology, natural sciences, or a related field may step forward.

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