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Pakistani cricketers set to earn ‘generous payouts’ despite dismal performance at T20 World Cup | The Express Tribune


Despite a disappointing first-round exit in the T20 World Cup, the financial outlook for Pakistan’s cricket team remains positive.

Each player stands to gain Rs1,674,336 in match fees, supplemented by a generous daily allowance exceeding Rs550,000. The International Cricket Council (ICC) will also distribute $247,500, approximately Rs70 million, among the 15 players and their management, equating to over Rs4.3 million each.

Moreover, the players will receive an additional $62,308, around Rs17.5 million in total, for their two match victories, about Rs1.1 million per player.

These lucrative outcomes follow successful negotiations for the 2023-24 central contracts, where players secured a 3% share of ICC earnings, enhancing their monthly wages significantly.

Top players in Category A now earn Rs6.03 million monthly, with substantial increases also for other categories. Looking ahead, the 2024-25 and 2025-26 contracts promise further salary hikes from ICC shares, though the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is considering discontinuing this benefit.

Despite these financial boosts, the team’s performance remains lackluster. They failed to progress beyond the initial stages of the T20 World Cup, with defeats against the USA and India highlighting their struggles.

The team’s T20 ranking has now dropped to seventh, reflecting a troubling decline from their former top position.


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