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‘Fixed’ Pakistan-India clashes in ICC events slammed | The Express Tribune


Despite not having played a bilateral series since 2013, India and Pakistan have consistently faced each other in every ICC event over the past decade, starting from the 2013 Champions Trophy. They have met in every edition of the 50-over World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy.

Former English cricketer David Lloyd expressed his opposition to the ICC intentionally scheduling matches between India and Pakistan. In an interview, he argued that the excitement and unpredictability of the draw should be preserved, making their potential matchups more thrilling and impartial.

"Not in the slightest," he said when asked if it'll be looked at as a sacrifice. “You just spoke about the independence of the fixtures. We talk long and hard about fixing in cricket. That's fixed. It's just fixed for a major event. I think the romance of anything like this if they do get drawn together – not that they are – but if they do, there is a romance to it. There's something for spectators to look forward to. So if it happens, then it becomes an event. The game itself is an event. You can't fix it. And that's only part of what we fix. We fix loads to stuff. In this particular World Cup, you're just trying to manipulate. It's just wrong,” the cricketer said.

Lloyd also criticized the scheduling of the 2024 T20 World Cup, highlighting issues such as insufficient rest days between matches and inconsistent rules for the semi-finals. He pointed out that India has not played any day-night games to cater to prime-time viewership in India, which he considers unfair to other participating teams.

"It just isn't fair (to the teams)," he said. "You can go round and round and talk about forever. We're just manipulating the tournament for the benefit of a few. If you look at the TV audience in India, they would watch anything there and anytime. It is a religion. It is the be all and end all. They would watch it and so it must of such commercial value, that overrides the competition itself. And don't tell me the ICC devises it. Who does it? Whoever it is, this operating group must be told that whilst you're doing it, this must happen, that must happen and that it's a bit unfair to the teams. Come up with the best World Cup you can, you can put together for the supporter," Lloyd added.


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