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Kuwait Dana Lubes Company Now Hiring Lab Manager in Kuwait

Kuwait Dana Lubes Company Now Hiring Lab Manager in Kuwait

Kuwait Dana Lubes Company Now Hiring Lab Manager in Kuwait

Lab Manager – Lubricants industry

Job Description


You will be responsible for managing the Company’s day-to-day lab research and development programs and processes to improve existing products or develop new products to meet the Company’s strategic growth objectives. You will be reporting to the Senior Technical Manager and you will manage a team of 3 Chemical Engineers.


  • You will be managing a team of senior and junior engineers. Must have leadership skills and the ability to manage teams. Must be able to work simultaneously on several subjects with the ability to follow-up on all without reminders. Must be able to delegate, assign and transfer responsibilities to team members and guide them on how to deliver results.
  • Working directly under the Senior Technical Manager to improve and innovate existing and new products for the market while supporting the current strategic and operational direction of the Company. You will be required to expand on our network of suppliers & manufacturers and lead technical discussions with them.
  • You will be required to conduct detailed research on how to develop customized products for certain segments to serve our clients’ needs. You will lead a team of Junior & Senior Chemical Engineers that will assist you with these tasks. The research will have to be on the technical and commercial aspects.
  • Continuous R&D is an important responsibility and necessity for our organization. Staying up to date with the modern technologies of the world and keeping an eye on the latest global trends to allow us to be the first movers in new markets will be required.
  • Your team will be required to generate original content to be supplied to the marketing departments to allow us to market on social media.
  • You will be required to represent our company in technical visits to customers where you will be required to trouble-shoot problems or recommend new solutions.
  • Continuous development of our products means that their data sheets need to be constantly updated. Your team will be required to ensure that we are always using the updated data sheets and that our online website has the updated versions of the data sheets of our products.
  • You will be required to have discussions with Original Equipment Manufacturers and other Standards Organizations in order to get our products approved and obtain the necessary certifications.
  • You will manage the laboratory and all the equipment, ensuring the testing equipment is always calibrated. You will be required to manage all the documentation and ensure the implementation of our QMS to ensure products are always of the highest quality and consistency.
  • You will be required to train your team in order to learn how to do the tasks effectively and consistently.

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