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Which Bollywood stars are bagging the biggest paychecks? | The Express Tribune


In the glitzy, star-studded world of Indian cinema, where box office numbers and paychecks dance in billions, a recent report released by Forbes shows how Bollywood’s elite has perfected the art of raking in the big bucks!

Forbes, an American Magazine has published a report featuring the list of the highest-paid Indian film stars, spanning from Bollywood to South Indian cinema.

Using the data from IMDb, the top 10 highest-earning Indian actors for the year 2024 have been identified.

At the top of the list is Bollywood’s “King Khan,” Shah Rukh Khan, who commands a staggering INR 150 crore to INR 250 crore per film.

Bollywood, the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, is the largest film producer in India, known for its musical numbers, melodramatic plots, and larger-than-life heroes

Ranking second is South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, who earns between INR 115 crore to INR 170 crore per movie.

South Indian cinema, including industries like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, has been gaining prominence in recent years, with films like Baahubali and RRR achieving global success

The third position is occupied by another South Indian actor, Joseph Vijay, who charges INR 130 crore to INR 250 crore per film.

Prabhas, the fourth highest-paid actor, earns between INR 100 crore to INR 200 crore per project, while Bollywood’s “Mr. Perfectionist,” Aamir Khan, rounds out the top five, with a per-film remuneration of INR 100 crore to INR 275 crore.

Salman Khan is the sixth highest-paid actor, earning between INR 100 crore to INR 150 crore per film.

The list also includes Kamal Haasan in the seventh position, Allu Arjun in the eighth, Akshay Kumar in the ninth, and Ajith Kumar in the tenth spot.


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