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What is the Click Here trend on X, and why is it trending? – Times of India

Social media never fails to surprise us, and the latest buzz that has left netizens amazed is a trend on X, formerly known as Twitter. The trend is about users sharing images on X with the caption ‘click here’ and an arrow pointing to the bottom left corner, prompting viewers to click on the ‘ALT Text’ button. But what exactly is it all about? Scroll down to read the details.

What is ‘click here’ all about?

As per the trend on X, the ALT Text button, which is an accessibility feature on X, allows users to provide descriptions for images.As per experts, the feature is for visually challenged users who rely on screen readers to navigate and understand content on the platform.
For instance, the user Satan with the handle @Scentofawoman10 posted about it and wrote, “If you like and retweet, it will turn the magic on in a few minutes! All scams will be visible on Twitter! If you have a blue tickmark, the outcome will be exemplary! #ClickHere.”
Take a look at the post:

The trend is slowly picking up on all social media platforms, and people from all walks of life are participating in the trend to convey their messages.
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Another post reads, Ceasefire in Gaza Now.” Israel is a settler-colonial state. Netanyahu and Biden are genocidal war criminals. Free Palestine.”

Is it a hit or miss?

Well, like any social media trend, it has both the facts. While some users have appreciated the motive of helping visually impaired people, others have criticized the meme and alleged that it is disrespectful to the visually challenged community.
Take a look at some more instances of the trend:

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