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Black magic performed over Maldives President? Bizarre incident sees arrest of two ministers | – Times of India


The Maldives has been shaken by allegations of black magic involving high-ranking officials. On June 23, 2024, the Maldives police arrested two ministers, Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem and Adam Rameez, along with two other individuals, for allegedly performing black magic on President Mohamed Muizzu. This incident has caused a significant stir in the island nation, known for its serene beaches and political stability.
Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem, the state minister for the Environment Ministry, and her ex-husband, Adam Rameez, a minister at the President’s Office, were among those detained.The arrests followed an investigation that began after suspicions arose about their activities. The police have not disclosed specific details about the nature of the black magic or the evidence leading to the arrests, but the case has garnered widespread attention.

Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem

Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem and her husband Adam Rameez were both ministers of state and have since been suspended and arrested. Source: X

Shamnaz Saleem and Adam Rameez were both prominent figures in Maldivian politics. Shamnaz formerly served on the Male City Council with President Muizzu when he was mayor of Male. Following Muizzu’s election as president in November 2023, Shamnaz was appointed as a state minister at Muliaage, the official residence of the president, before being transferred to the Environment Ministry. Adam Rameez, known to be a close aide of Muizzu, had been absent from public view for the past five months.
The arrests were made after a series of events that raised suspicions. On June 23, the police detained Shamnaz, Rameez, and two other individuals, whose identities have not been disclosed. They were remanded in custody for seven days as the investigation continued. On June 27, Shamnaz was suspended from her post as state minister at the Environment Ministry. The same day, Rameez was also suspended from his position at the President’s Office.
The allegations of black magic have sparked a mix of shock and disbelief among the Maldivian public. Black magic, though a part of folklore in many cultures, is rarely associated with modern political scandals. The case has raised questions about the influence of traditional beliefs in contemporary politics and the extent to which they can impact governance.
President Mohamed Muizzu has not made any official statement regarding the arrests or the allegations. The government and the President’s Office have remained silent, leaving the public and media to speculate about the implications of this scandal. The lack of official communication has only fueled rumors and conjecture, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the case.
The Maldives, a nation heavily reliant on tourism, is now facing a different kind of scrutiny. The international community is watching closely as the investigation unfolds. The outcome of this case could have significant repercussions for the political landscape of the Maldives and its image on the global stage.
As the investigation continues, the Maldivian authorities are under pressure to provide clarity and transparency. The arrests of Shamnaz Saleem and Adam Rameez have already led to their suspension from official duties, but the broader implications of the allegations remain to be seen.

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