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Are You A Selfish Spouse? These Signs Are Indication – News18

The emotional health of both you and the relationship can suffer when you are in a relationship with a selfish partner.

The emotional health of both you and the relationship can suffer when you are in a relationship with a selfish partner.

These are signs that we are becoming selfish spouses, ranging from believing that our partner is the source of our problems to incessantly demanding our way.

Compromises are required in a relationship to achieve greater understanding and connection. However, we must remember to meet our own needs in a relationship. Failure to find a good balance between our needs and the needs of our spouse can harm the relationship’s health.

Some people are ideal for relationships, while others are not so great. Being in a relationship entails being unselfish and empathetic, and not everyone is fortunate to find a partner who demonstrates such qualities. Unfortunately, many people may not realise they are in a relationship with someone who is too selfish to commit and continue to put forth uneven effort.

What exactly does it mean to be a selfish partner?

A selfish partner is someone who prioritises their own needs and wishes over those of their partner. They prioritise personal gain over interpersonal outcomes. Such people may be oblivious to their partners’ emotions and disdainful of their desires. A selfish partner seeks validation and attention while disregarding the other’s emotional well-being, resulting in an unbalanced and unsatisfactory relationship.

Is being selfish a red flag?

Being self-centered is being unconcerned with the well-being of others. This concept opposes the idea of starting a relationship. It’s because being with someone requires you to be selfless. That person must be prepared to share, compromise, and sacrifice for their partner. Selfishness has no place in a partnership.

Unfortunately, many selfish people do not realise they are self-centered. They believe that they are ideal partners. Even though the contrary is true, they believe they are generous and nice to others, even when they exhibit the characteristics of a selfish partner.

Selfishness is a warning sign since they are only concerned with what benefits them directly or indirectly. They would not hesitate to use others to achieve their objectives. It is preferable to avoid being in a relationship with someone who is purely selfish because it might lead to disappointment, manipulation, and abuse.

Below are a few signs that we are a selfish partner:

  • When we repeatedly urge our partners to do things our way, they may feel excluded from the relationship.
  • We always blame our partner for the situation. Instead of hearing their side of the story, we conclude right away.
  • We are constantly talking about ourselves, expecting our spouse to listen. We do not, however, do the same for our spouses.
  • When the conversations become difficult, rather than establishing a healthy place for sharing, we shut down and stop communicating with our partner.
  • We believe that our partner is selfish and dictates what they should and should not do. We also prefer to assume that our actions are more important than theirs.

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