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Anil Kapoor reveals he worked in many films without receiving any pay | The Express Tribune


Veteran Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has revealed that he worked in numerous films without receiving any payment.

In a recent media interaction, Kapoor expressed his willingness to take on roles for lower fees and even for free.

“I have worked in many films without any remuneration,” Kapoor said. “Very few actors from my generation and the one before me have done the same.”

Kapoor highlighted the financial strain high actor fees and unnecessary expenses put on film budgets.

“I understand how actors’ extravagant demands can inflate a film’s budget.

My father was a filmmaker, and I saw him struggle financially due to such issues,” he explained.

Kapoor noted the ongoing discussions about the excessive expenses on actors and their staff.

“I support reducing actor fees and unnecessary costs,” he added, stressing the need for a more economical approach in the industry.

His remarks come at a time when Bollywood is grappling with budget constraints and financial challenges, prompting discussions on sustainable practices.


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