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‘Stranger Things’, ‘Euphoria’ actors avoid each other at all costs


‘Stranger Things’, ‘Euphoria’ actors avoid each other at all costs
‘Stranger Things’, ‘Euphoria’ actors avoid each other at all costs

The casts of hit series Stranger Things and Euphoria avoid mingling with each other at all costs.

The leading names of both the projects, including Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard are in the same boat of fame as they became known after working on the teen dramas.

A source close to Life & Style now weighed the pairs against each other and said, “These two casts are two sides of the same coin when it comes to Hollywood’s young generation. They all want to be movie stars, and the Euphoria kids are definitely making strides in that department.”

However, the HBO series has pressed brakes on the show indefinitely whereas Milli and Finn are back on the set after the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“Zendaya is a true A-lister now, and Jacob and Sydney Sweeney are well on their way to that goal. But the TV show that made these guys so popular is on indefinite hold because of the cast’s demanding schedules,” the tipster explained.

On the other hand, the drama couple understands how important it is to prioritize the project that rocketed them to the skies.

“Would Finn and Millie rather be off making a movie than work on the show that made them famous? You bet they would. But unlike the Euphoria cast, they have decided to prioritize their TV hit over pie-in-the-sky movie dreams. Movies will be there for all of them when they wrap their show,” the insider continued.

They concluded that the Stranger Things cast has put on a better united front than the Euphoria actors.

“The Stranger Things cast is much more unified behind that franchise as a whole, while the young actors on Euphoria are constantly chasing that next brass ring. And the Euphoria actors only share the spotlight grudgingly, while the Stranger Things actors are all about cheering each other on and being as supportive as possible of one another,” the source said.


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