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Prince William takes help from Queen Camilla as they ‘nurse the crown’

Prince William has grown closer to Queen Camilla amid health concerns in the Royal Family.

The Prince of Wales, whose wife Kate Middleton is going through chemotherapy after her cancer diagnosis, is relying emotionally on step mother Camilla, it is understood.

Royal expert Jennie Bond told OK!: “Recent events have obviously brought Prince William and Queen Camilla much closer.

“They have been left, almost literally, nursing the crown while the King and the Princess recover.”

She said: “When the late Queen died, William spoke of how she had been at his side at ‘the happiest moments’ and ‘saddest days of his life’.

“Now, Camilla is sharing some of those times with him and it must surely cement their relationship. There are so very few people that a senior royal can trust absolutely… and Camilla must now be one of that number for William.

“And I’m sure it is a two-way street with William offering moral support to Camilla as well,” she noted, highlighting King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

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