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George Clooney ‘honoured to be coming back’ to Broadway ‘stage’

George Clooney is expected to star in the upcoming Broadway play, ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’

George Clooney ‘honoured to be coming back’ to Broadway ‘stage’

George Clooney just expressed his joy over his upcoming Broadway role, which would also mark his debut for the platform.

The 63-year-old Oscar winning actor will make his debut at Broadway through the latest production, titled, Good Night, and Good Luck.

According to PEOPLE magazine the Clooney starrer play is scheduled to be performed starting from spring 2025 in New York City, as announced on May 13.

“I am honored, after all these years, to be coming back to the stage and especially to Broadway, the art form and the venue that every actor aspires to,” Clooney stated.

David Cromer, a Tony Award winning director would be taking the helm of the play which is co-written by Clooney and Grant Heslov.

Additionally, the performance’s storyline is expected to revolve around their 2005 film, which bears the same name and was also directed by Clooney.

In the movie, Clooney portrayed the character of Fred Friendly while his costar David Strathairn played the iconic broadcast news journalist, Edward R. Murrow.

However, in the stage play, George Clooney would be playing the character of Murrow, who passed away in 1965.

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