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Arabic Chef is Required With Amazing Cooking Skills in Kuwait 2023

Arabic Chef is Required With Amazing Cooking Skills in Kuwait 2023

Arabic Chef

Welcome to our culinary paradise in Kuwait, where exceptional talent meets delectable flavors! We are thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for an Arabic Chef with amazing cooking skills to join our esteemed team. If you have a passion for creating mouthwatering Arabic cuisine, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a flair for culinary innovation, this is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Designation: Arabic Chef

How to Apply:

Eligibility Criteria: Must have minimum 2-3 years of experience in Lebanese cuisine / Arabic cuisine. 

Qualification: Degree in Hotel Management

Location: Kuwait

Vacancy: 1

Job description : Arabic Chef

Arabic Chef

ARABIC CHEF Nationality :

Asian Salary: 330 – 350 KD

Work location : Kuwait city Must have minimum 2-3 years of experience in Lebanese cuisine / Arabic cuisine. 10 Hours Duty

The Role: Arabic Chef

Arabic Chef

As an Arabic Chef with us, you will be at the helm of our Arabic culinary offerings, crafting delectable dishes that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression on our guests. Your culinary prowess and dedication to preserving authentic flavors will make you an indispensable part of our gastronomic journey.

  • Prepare and execute traditional and contemporary Arabic dishes with precision and creativity.
  • Curate menus that showcase the rich flavors and diverse culinary traditions of the Arab world.
  • Source the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that quality is never compromised.
  • Collaborate with our culinary team to refine and innovate recipes, elevating the dining experience to new heights.
  • Maintain impeccable standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and food safety in the kitchen.

Requirements: Arabic Chef

  • Proven experience as an Arabic Chef, with a portfolio that highlights your culinary expertise.
  • Deep knowledge of Arabic cuisine and a passion for preserving authentic flavors.
  • Creativity to infuse traditional dishes with modern twists and innovative presentations.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced kitchen environment, managing multiple tasks and time-sensitive orders.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills to guide and inspire the kitchen team.
  • A commitment to excellence and a desire to exceed culinary expectations.Why Choose Us: Arabic Chef
    1. Culinary Excellence: Our commitment to culinary excellence drives us to create extraordinary dining experiences that delight the senses.
    2. Preserving Tradition: We take pride in preserving the authentic flavors and techniques of Arabic cuisine while exploring new dimensions of taste.
    3. Innovative Ambiance: Our state-of-the-art kitchen and inspiring environment provide the perfect canvas for your culinary creativity.
    4. Passionate Team: Join a team of culinary enthusiasts who share your dedication to creating exceptional dishes. Collaborate with skilled professionals who inspire and elevate your culinary expertise.Key Responsibilities: Arabic Chef
      • Authentic Arabic Creations: As an Arabic Chef, you will craft traditional Arabic dishes with meticulous attention to flavor, aroma, and presentation.
      • Culinary Innovation: Infuse traditional recipes with your creative flair, introducing innovative twists and culinary surprises.
      • Menu Curation: Collaborate with our culinary team to curate menus that showcase the rich diversity of Arabic cuisine, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for our guests.
      • Quality Assurance: Uphold the highest standards of ingredient quality, taste, and consistency, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience.
      • Leadership & Teamwork: Lead the kitchen team with your culinary expertise, fostering teamwork and maintaining an efficient and harmonious work environment.
      • Hygiene & Safety: Ensure strict adherence to food safety and hygiene standards, maintaining a clean and organized kitchen.Requirements: Arabic Chef
        • Culinary Artistry: Demonstrated proficiency in Arabic cuisine, showcasing your expertise through a diverse and impressive portfolio.
        • Passion & Creativity: A deep passion for Arabic gastronomy and a flair for culinary creativity that pushes the boundaries of taste.
        • Experience & Leadership: Proven experience as an Arabic Chef with leadership qualities, guiding the team to culinary excellence.
        • Adaptability: The ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced kitchen environment, adapting to various culinary demands.
        • Communication Skills: Effective communication to collaborate with the culinary team and share your culinary vision.

          How to Apply Arabic Chef

          To apply for this position, please follow the instructions below:

          1. Resume/CV Submission: Arabic Chef

          – Prepare an updated copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

          that highlights your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications.

          – Ensure that your contact information, including your full name, email

          address, and phone number, is included.

          – Highlight how your experience and qualifications align with the job

          requirements and why you believe you are a suitable candidate.

          1. Additional Documents: (if required) Arabic Chef

          “Check below if the post required additional documents”

          – If applicable, include any additional supporting documents such as

          certifications, licenses, or transcripts that are relevant to the


          1. Application Submission: Arabic Chef

          Choose one of the following methods to submit your application:

          – Email: Send an email to the mentioned email address with the

          subject line. Attach your resume, and any additional

          documents as separate PDF or Word files.

          – Online Application Portal: Visit provided website and navigate to the

          Careers or Jobs section. Follow the instructions to create an

          account or log in if you already have one. Complete the online

          application form and upload your resume, and any additional

          documents as specified.

          1. Application Deadline: Arabic Chef

          – Ensure that your application is submitted before the specified

          deadline. Late applications may not be considered.

          TO APPLY for this particular job post: Arabic Chef

          Send CV or Mail to:

          Contact Number: Nil

          Note: Make sure to use the contact number for sending job applications through the mentioned contact medium. Avoiding so may lead to application rejection. 

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